Sunday, October 23, 2011

carving pumpkin

Step 1. Draw a circle around the pumpkin stem and cut out a hole.
Step 2. Get your hands dirty and gut the pumpkin! 
It's slimy, and it took me forever. 
If you want save your seeds to roast later!
Here's all my pumpkin's guts.

Step 3. Find a pattern on the internet of what you want to carve into your pumpkin.
I chose Yoda, because I love Yoda.
Print it out, cut around the pattern and tape it to your pumpkin.
Step 4. trace the pattern onto the pumpkin by poking holes on the outline
Step 5. Once you have traced the whole pattern, remove the paper and rub flour onto the holes you have created.
This allows you to see your markings better.
 Step 6. Carve away!!! Take your time and start small.
I messed up on his nose, because I took out too big of a chunk.
Step 7. Buy a battery operated light to put inside your pumpkin!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

indian girl

I was looking at my clothes, and I have the perfect costume to be an Indian.
My cousin made the headdress and wore it last year for Halloween.
My little friend Adriana got me the necklace years ago for my birthday.
It always reminded me of Pocahontas.
And my friend Aubs gave me all of her clothes when she went in the Navy, this dress included.
The moccasins are mine.
I don't know. Should I be an Indian?
Because I also have this cool butterfly mask, and I kind of wanted to be a butterfly.
And I could do some crazy butterfly makeup. 

forest girl

i went exploring in this reserve place. the trees had this long, light green moss growing from them. it looked like really beautiful hair, like a lady gaga wig or something. it gave the forest a very spooky feel.